Robert O’Neal of 78 Fence is now a Certified Automated Gate Operator Designer and a Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer. This is a nationwide certification that is not only good news for 78 Fence but also for all its existing projects and future clients.

Pay Low, Pay Twice or More

Most home owners just look at cost and don’t really understand the liability involved when they get a non-certified contractor to design and install their gates and fences. It’s just like having a master electrician go to your house to fix a problem but it can’t be fixed because it wasn’t built up to code in the first place. So, the home owner ends up paying more to have everything done properly again.

Also, most cheap contractors may not be certified, and they are just in it for the money. They don’t really know what they’re doing or how to do it properly. They build it cheaply, but they keep having to add more band-aid solutions to fix things. Most of the time, they disappear once they get their pay. You still end up shelling out more money for cheap labor and cheap materials that are not up to standard.

Pay Properly, Get Proper Service

Usually, building a gate requires a gate operator designer and gate operator installer. However, with 78 Fence, you get both. Hiring a certified designer and installer is important as it ensures that they know what they’re doing and how to do things properly and up to code.

A gate doesn’t just provide an aesthetic façade to your property. It is also an important safety feature that you are investing in for the long term. Sensors need to be put on it to detect people around it to prevent any accidents. If not designed and installed properly; it can hurt or even kill someone. It’s like buying a junk car that hasn’t passed the inspection. You’re driving a dangerous car, unknowingly.

With a certified designer and installer, you can be assured that everything will be done up to code and will definitely pass inspection. Your family and friends will be safer as they go in and out of your property. You will even reap the benefits as your gate can be a great asset to highlight in your property if you decide to pass it on to a new owner in the future.

78 Fence designs and installs premium gates that are built to be durable. For more information on designing and installing an automated gate for your property, contact us today.