Gate safety is not expensive, it’s priceless. So this is a new gate I just happened to see as I was driving around town and it’s a new installation. It’s probably in the last couple of weeks or months. It does not meet many of the UL325 guidelines for gate safety.

In fact, one of the first things I noticed immediately was the keypad, which is mounted to the post right here on the outside; is too close to the gate. It’s supposed to be 6 feet or more away from the gate, and you can actually reach through the gate right here and touch the post on the inside. So in other words, you could actually reach from the inside out, put the code in and get caught by the gate and probably get choked and die, just like the person who died over there at the Dickey’s arena in Fort Worth many years ago.

That’s why gate safety is so important, but not everybody follows that. So keep in mind that safety is not expensive. Safety is priceless and keeps everybody taken care of.

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