Continuing education to up our level of service is one of the ways that we can ensure that we are always up to par and updated with modern gate systems and design standards. So it is with great pride that we announce the achievement of one such milestone.

78 Fence’s Robert O’Neal has recently become a Certified Gate Automation Designer (CGAD) by the Accreditation & Certification Institute (ACI). As per the ACI website:

“The Certified Gate Automation Designer (CGAD) credential is the most comprehensive gate designer certification available to our industry.  This certification recognizes those in the industry who have an exceptional level of expertise in designing and layout of automated gate systems.

CGAD eligibility requires a minimum of one year of gate automation experience OR have attended AFA’s Gate Automation Designer School. You may still sit for the exam before you have one year of experience; if you pass the exam, your certification will be held until the experience requirement is met.”

78 Fence is sure to be able to leverage the new knowledge and skills from this certification to provide the best service for its clients.

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