At 78 Fence we take pride in transforming outdated structures into modern, efficient systems that enhance both functionality, aesthetics and security. Recently, we worked with a client who needed an upgrade from their old manual gate to a new, automatic one. Below you can read a summary of how we took this project to completion.

The project goal

The client’s existing gate had served its purpose for many years but was very old and provided little to no security. It was time for an upgrade that not only improved security but also added the convenience of automation.

Old gate – before removal

Steps taken in replacing the old gate

1. Removing the old gate. The first step in the project was to safely dismantle and remove the old gate. Our team ensured that this was done efficiently, taking care to avoid any damage to the surrounding buildings.

2. Laying electrical cables. For the new gate’s automatic features, underground electrical cables were a necessity. Our team carefully planned the cable layout to ensure seamless operation. The cables were buried securely at the base of the new gate to avoid any potential damage and were connected to the property’s electrical system.

Installing power lines

3. Installing a cement base. With the old gate removed and electrical laid in, we continued preparing the site for the new installation. We laid a strong cement base, which is crucial for the stability and longevity of the new automatic gate. The base was precisely measured and poured to provide a solid foundation.

Pouring the cement after adding electrical & structural elements

Finalizing the base

4. Installing the automatic gate. With the foundation and electrical work in place, we installed the new automatic gate. This involved setting up the gate’s motor and control systems, ensuring everything was aligned perfectly for smooth operation. The new gate not only looks great but also operates with ease at the touch of a button on a remote.

The Result

The transformation was remarkable. The new automatic gate provides the client with enhanced security and convenience, while the cement base and underground electrical cables ensure durability and reliable performance for years to come. The sleek design of the gate also adds a modern aesthetic to the property, making it a standout feature.

Final result

At 78 Fence, we are committed to delivering high-quality upgrades that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. If you’re looking to modernize your property with an automatic gate or any other structural enhancements, contact us today!

By documenting this commercial project, we aim to showcase our expertise and commitment to excellence in every job we undertake. Stay tuned for more updates on our latest projects and industry insights.