Nails come in all sorts of types. Commonly used nails on fences are aluminum, steel and galvanized or zinc-plated. 78 Fence usually uses stainless steel nails with a ring shank that can easily go into any type of wood such as treated pine, cedar, etc..

Stainless steel nails also have a lower tendency to cause chemical reactions in the wood which could corrode or degrade it over time. Although stainless steel nails can cost twice as much as other types of nail; you can rest assured that they are of the highest quality. Besides, why would you use cheap nails for a high-dollar cedar gate that you just stained?

Everyone dreams of having a whitewood fence as a feature in their homes. Making a fence may sound simple but the devil is in the details. If you want to have a fence that you and your family can enjoy longer, then the best quality materials and proper construction techniques are your best bet.

In this area, 78 Fence is an experienced and professional team who have helped many satisfied clients. Contact us so we can start working on your project.

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