Every part of a gate or fence is important and has its own purpose. However, one of the basic things it should have is a solid foundation. The support post and piers for a gate is its most solid support so that it lasts long and stays strong even in different weather conditions.

Case Study: Improper Piers

78 Fence had inspected a gate with improper piers. The support post for where the gate closes is bent back about 10 degrees off center. It was set incorrectly from specification and was done quite shoddily too. The post was also made of wood which had already rotten with age. That was 20 years ago; wood posts are not recommended anymore.

The previous installer had just kept putting additional small repairs which were all band-aid solutions. Once they got their cheque; they were nowhere to be found. They had absolutely no safety concern for the customer or other people who will use the gate. After inspection, we told the home owner that the whole thing needs to be replaced and re-installed. They had wanted to go the cheaper route and now having to do everything costs 3 times as much.

A Solid Foundation is Important

A proper pier for a support post should be 30 inches deep and 8 inches in diameter. The depth is important to ensure a solid foundation for the whole gate in dry as well as wet weather.

In drought season, the ground will become extremely dry and some parts of the ground will even crack up to 3 feet below the surface. With a proper pier, the support post will still have strong support 18-inches below it where solid soil still has some moisture. That’s one of the keys to having a solid foundation for your gate.

A gate’s post is supporting an expensive investment on your property. So, you need to ensure that it’s done right from the start or don’t do it at all. If not done right, then your investment will be damaged, and you will have to pay for everything at a higher price.

This is why a certified automated gate operator designer and installer should be consulted when planning your gate. 78 Fence focuses on the customer. When we build something for the current customer; we are also thinking of the next person who will own the property. So we make sure that we build gates that ensure safety and longevity.

78 Fence designs and installs premium gates that are built to be durable. For more information on designing and installing an automated gate for your property, contact us today.