Robert and the 78 Fence team are looking for ways to maximize customer satisfaction. One such way is through the use of emerging technology in the industry or from industries that can be useful for both residential and commercial projects.

Less Cost, More Convenience with Wireless and Solar

Wireless technology has been around for some time and the 78 Fence team is happy that it can be integrated easily to automated gate systems and automated gate installation. There are a lot of wireless systems that allows you to connect to the WiFi in your home which can monitor your gates.

For commercial use, it’s a relay bridge connection that doesn’t involve wires and can even be solar-powered. WiFi routers are rated up to 40 miles of reliable connection. The gate will still need electrical power so some establishments opt for solar power.

With solar power, running wires through pavements is not necessary anymore. Not only can the gate be installed; communications can also be installed. You can have the gate operator on the gate and it can be controlled with a small solar panel. The size requirement and number of solar panels will depend on how many times the gate is operated (opened and closed) on a daily basis. Solar panels can be a great cost-saver on installations and are also user-friendly.

Monitoring Versatility with WiFi and Cellular

Security cameras installed to monitor gates can also take advantage of communication technology. Cellular and WiFi technology are used to operate the relay to operate and monitor the gate.

For example, you can buy a camera for $300 and connect it to a cellular base. In this way, you can go anywhere and still be able to access your camera footage as long as you carry your cellular base with you. Cellgate has the option to have a live camera at the gate keypad entry so you can talk to the person while having the visual confirmation and audio done with a cellular connection.  The cellular connection allows the gated entry to be thousands of feet away or in another state.

Another option is some systems can  connect to your  WiFi network, that you are staying in so you can access your camera footage to monitor your gate.

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