“Over the last five or six years, it has been a desire to be able to afford to put in an electric gate opener on our main camp entry gate.

The main reason for this is to provide a safer and more secure camping environment for our camping guest.

My idea is to have the gate close late in the evening and then open early morning, to minimize any outside traffic that may be driving in, in the middle of the night up to no good.

Last year I discovered a scouting leader was in the fence and gate business and reached out to him. Mr. Robert O’Neal suggested a plan and presented a cost that I was able to hopefully get budgeted for the 2021 physical year.

After reaching out to Robert and wanting to move forward with the project, Robert advised me that he was going to donate all the material necessary as well as the labor to install the new gate openers.

On one of our past OA ordeals we utilized the labor of OA ordeal candidates to install all the underground piping necessary to make the gate work.

Over the past two weekends Robert and his crew have spent time at CJR and now we have an operational front gate opener.

I want to personally thank Mr. Robert O’Neal for his donation of over $6500 worth of materials and labor and on behalf of the Camp James Ray friends and family,


If you need fencing or gate work or a backyard remodel be sure and reach out to Robert and his associates at 78 Fence Company.”

Ranger David

Photos from the project: