Robert O’Neal with 78 Fence and Backyard Concepts show us a fence option. This time it’s a fence made out of core 10 steel.

This is a core 10 steel fence, which is a rusting metal fence that weathers to a natural stable rust appearance after a couple of years. The gate is made out of angle iron and 2×2 steel as well as all the core 10 steel. Core 10 is stable steel; it’s like a standing seam metal roof.

There’s a push button lock on the gate because it’s a pool fence. There’s a hydraulic closure across the top of it. The color of the steel outside is very silver but some of it has started to rust inside.

A 7-year old fence

This is a fence that really has been up about 7 years. This is one of the fences that is around the house that was damaged by the tornado back in 2019. We’ve come back and they completely rebuilt the house. So we’ve modified our original fence to fit the new construction of their house.

A lot of times you’ll stain a fence, and that’s new steel at the top, that’s weathering. That’s just standard steel, but it’s 1/8-inch thick and it’s going to weather just like the Core 10 is.

In the backyard, we put the fence right down to the ground. We have a landscape cloth down there at the bottom or landscape board to keep the dirt off. We also have some rock up against it. That’s not a big deal because rock can actually breathe and keep the fence fine.

This little section of fence here, that’s actually double-sided. The same system is on each side. It has a nice, clean look. When you walk out in the backyard, it looks great with the modern architecture and the core 10 fences all around it. It really blends in well with the backyard environment.

We’ve done several core 10 fences; this is probably the first one I’ve gotten a chance to put on a video as the yard is getting finished out before they move in, and it gets really busy over here.

The core 10 fence was very easy to install. All around, the fence is attached to steel post with wood behind it. We just put in a normal cedar board and put screws through the core 10 directly into the wood.

Video walkthrough

We’ve got a gate area to the dog run. We made a custom gate there. We’ve made it so that it opens in. So, if the dogs are on the inside of the yard and the gate is not completely shut; it’s not going to open up and let the dogs into the backyard. The gate swings right open, but you don’t even notice it walking up on it because it’s done really well.

Inside, you’ve got a nice finish out of the fence and the gate matches the rest of the fence around it. There’s the standard regular gate latch that you’ve seen a lot of. But you also got a slide bolt for extra protection. So you can have a guest that’s not just going to open the gate and forget about it and come through with the dogs.

There’s a lot of fence here. It blends well with the architectural environment and the landscaping environments around the backyard. This project kind of gives you a sense of what we do for our clients at 78 Fence. So if you’re looking for fence options, this is certainly one of them.

We actually took the core 10 and wrapped the end of the gates. Not only that; we’ve got steel wrapped around these posts. Look at how clean that look is. It’s almost like it was manufactured that way because we manufacture and do it right the first time.

Stainless steel hinges

Another thing we’ve done is nice hinges. Those are stainless steel hinges. We’ve screwed them onto the steel and we have welded onto the gate frame inside. So nothing’s going to come down and have this gate be a failure in a couple of years.

So if you’re looking for a project or you’re considering a project, and you’re not quite sure; there are lots of options on fences. But you have to find the right people like ourselves, that know how to install it and do it the right way so it can last longer.

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