The 78 Fence team has built quite a lot of fireplaces in our various construction and design projects. So we do have the knowledge and experience to construct and design a nice fireplace for both residential and commercial establishments.

A Shifting Fireplace is A Makeshift Fireplace

We were recently called up to take a look at a shifting fireplace. Upon inspection, the said fireplace had only a foot thick of support padding with four shallow piercings. Thus, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa; it didn’t have enough support underneath the soil which caused it to tilt and shift.

In a previous project, to ensure that an outdoor fireplace did not shift or tilt, we put in a 12-inch thick pad with  3 piers  deep under the ground. This was an engineered solution and not just a makeshift solution to construct a fireplace.

Professional Solution for Best Results

To ensure that the fireplace construction would be stable; an architect is consulted as well as an engineer to specify what’s needed for its installation. For example, the engineer studied how the soil is shifting and made specific requirements on how to reduce its impact. These specifications are followed thoroughly to get the best results.

We have done different fireplaces involving huge slabs of concrete. One of the most important thing to remember for installing such piers  is that the piers  have to go down 4’ or deeper to mitigate soil shifting and ensure that the whole thing stays stable and in place. This way, the fireplace will be useful and admired for a longer time with less chances of tilting itself into ruins as time goes by.

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